How to run RichCopy from a command-line or batch-file


RichCopy is a command-line utility that can be called from the command-line, or in a batch-file or scheduler. The GUI interface used with RichCopy is in essence merely the (very handy) tool to create the syntax of parameters to call RichCopy with.

This tutorial explains how to use the GUI to define the syntax which must subsequently be used on the command-line or in a batch-file.

Assuming RichCopy has been installed, do teh following:

  1. Start the RichCopy GUI interface.
  2. Turn on 'Advanced View'

  3. Do not fill out the source and destination paths here.
    Instead, just click on 'Options'.

  4. In the section 'Overview' (see arrow), fill in the Source and Destination Paths

  5. Use the various sections to select the options you want to use.
    This creates a command-line syntax that can be seen in the section 'Others'.

RichCopy can be called from the command-line using the parameter syntax shown here (above).

For examples of RichCopyPlus' functionality added by using additional parameters, see this explanation (click here).


In order for RichCopyPlus to be abel to call RichCopy, RichCopy must be installed in the default directory.
Alternatively, the environment variable 'PATH' can be extended with the location where RichCopy resides, or RichCopy can be copied to a directory that is already in the path (like usually C:\Windows\System32).