Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions frequently askes through our feedback page.
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[+] Does RichCopyPlus work with all versions of Microsoft RichCopy?
RichCopyPlus calls RichCopy which must be already installed on your computer. It can be downloaded from here. It passes all switches entered, that are not for RichCopyPlus itself, on to RichCopy to process.

[+] Will RichCopyPlus work with future versions of RichCopy?
[+] Can RichCopyPlus send mail using an SMTP server that requries SSL security?
[+] How do I configure RichCopyPlus to send mail using GMail's SMTP server?
[+] I am gettng 'Error 1001' when I install RichCopyPlus.
[+] Can I use multiple email addresses to send notifications to?
[+] Can I install RichCopyPlus on a computer without internet access?
[+] Can I purchase a site-license for RichCopyPlus